Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SlopeJunkies at the Welsh Open

We went , We tried but we definitely didn't conquer

It was rain of the type I like to call 'Pissy piss', it was still dark and I was about to spend 2 hours in the car with that Wally. Not the greatest of starts

We arrived and as with the other competitors set up camp.
Sportbrollies are a must when you are stood on top of a mountain for 9 hours. 

Probably could have done with some Portaloos.

Rumpster disappeared into the woods at one point with some wetwipes. He has now been renamed the DUMPster, dirty ba$t...

There were smart and super smart gliders everywhere. If carbonfibre gets you going , this was the place to be

Dumpster and Rob walking past the safety line. Dave's best time over the weekend was 39 seconds. This is an average speed of 60mph if 1 kilometre was travelled, bearing in mind there are 9 turns and Dave goes 20 yards past either end he probably touched speeds of over 90mph

Scott RavenSCOTT. Both Scott and Bobby stand out as legends. Can't fly for toffee but great fun to be around. We think Scott might be a farmer because every time we saw him he said ''I've got a brand new combine harvester!'

The last half hour of the last Day. The dishing out of the prizes. Couldn't even win a cularis in the raffle..

In summary the weekend was hard but very good fun. Everybody there was great. We realised that although decent club fliers, this was a different kettle of fish. We need to get practising and try and do something better next year, than walkaway with the wooden spoon

Now for the Video, as usual turn the volume up, HD it and enjoy



  1. Top Notch stuff Guys, Well done on your recent success , and Im glad you won the team Overall Prize ,
    Oh sorry Thought i was on K Newts Blog


  2. BoobyR

    Don't you worry, the cream always rises to the top eventually


  3. On the Other hand Martin ,
    Turds often float aswell :)


  4. Glass houses Blobby.. 2nd from last. Seriously, give up!