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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

QuickUK.. go there... um, QuickLY!

We at SJ's dont like to promote products.. especially when we get F..k all from it! however in deepest darkest Wiltshire we have a gem of shop, a little known place situated just outside the village of Pewsey. Which incidentally has the most common surname of Fookme-relo of any where else in the country. So why on a blog based mainly on flight without power is there lots of pics about helis i hear you ask? Well the answer is simple. QuickUK produces upgrade parts for helis. I.e you buy a bog standard Heli, then you go to QuickUK to buy uber smooth parts for it. They manufacture zero slop parts on site.. for us in the glider world that means ball joints, servo arms, carbon fibre parts that had me spaffing, they know a lot about amp draw, servos and batteries, and are the friendliest bunch too. Budd the shop owner has a lot of patience, just as well when i walk in and ask stupid questions....

 This is the ultimate in helis apparently, 12 cell setup and serious power. you think glider servos are powerful? they stick 35kg of Torque servos in this beast!

 Lots of helicopters on display as well as the thing below. very complicated piece of kit.

... and a yacht, don't ask me why.

Get to QuickUK, if they have not got it, they will. The shop is well stocked and all the manufacturing is done on site.... So Budd do i get my Sab Heli since i plugged your shop?


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