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Monday, 6 August 2012

Zummerset in the rain

Sunday 5th

Myself and Robert took up an invite to drop in on one of the satellite branches of Slopejunkies over in deepest darkest ''Zummerset'' .
Early indications were that Pete (I've never known a night like it)  had pulled a master stroke with a real  bobby dazzler of a field, unfortunately he had forgotten to call off the torrential rain and thunderstorms.

There was alot of time spent huddling under trees during the showers. We have heard alot of stories about the types of things that happen in zummerset. I chose to stay under my own tree and no get involved in any of that funny stuff

Pete launches the starlight from his home made winch
The winch is made out of a pram he nicked from the local tesco express, a cortina starter motor he had in the garage and fishing line from the Standerwick booty . Not sure where the facial expression and the Ali G hand came from but this guy is fast becoming legendary. 

This little pavilion was obviously built with us in mind.

This little guy flew into a tree, luckily the tree was unscathed

Now for the video, usual story get the volume up, full screen and HD it. 


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