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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Strange Forces at work in Zummerzet

Sunday 19th August

As I drove to the SJ's secret satellite site in Zummerzet I should have taken the hint from the clues I saw on the way over. 
As I exited the village of Faukland a pigeon flew across the road in front of me, nothing unusual about that apart from the fact it was upside down and wearing socks. I then noticed the River Yo just outside of Frome was running UP the hill. At this point I should have turned round as I knew it was likely things would go wrong.

To be fair from my point of view the day was good fun but there were a few injuries along the way. I have compiled pictures of the Top 5 ( worst) landings of the day

Nicks Funjet, the little fin on the back took a bit of a hammering but it lived to experience an even worse landing later

Bob's spitfire. This was the maiden of this bad boy. It was reckoned to be the result of a crappy little spectrum receiver. To quote Pete Gilbert UK F3B champion 1946 ''if the only people that made radio gear was spectrum, I would take up Fishing'

After failing to take the fin of the Funjet, Nick had a go at taking the front off, but again the little foam plane took it like a man and ended up intact

This is Gilberts Pike superior that he did in fact win the British F3B championships back in 1946 . He elected to park it on top of a tree, actually he didn't elect at all, he completely misjudged the landing. Fortunately with my brains and Ollie's base jumping skills we managed to get it down

Spot the difference between the starboard and port wings, the funjet finally gave in

This is the receiver that was in Bobs Spitfire. The lesson has to be , if it hasn't got a wrapper- don't use it

Now for the video, volume up and HD. See if you can spot the spitfire careering out of the sky in the distance


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