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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Baudis Fosa F3f

The Fosa is ready.

Here are a few pictures of it taken today, I am hoping for a maiden tomorrow ...

These Futabas were installed back at Baudis. I have to say they have done a cracking job, it is all aligned beautifully and is as solid as a rock

A pair of Graupners in the fuselage. You can see there is not much room as one is stuffed ( again beautifully) under the fuselage ballast tube. There is also more ballast in the wings. As Rob would say, '' you can't have too much ballast '' . 

The wing fits like a glove. There are 2 wing joiners in this Baudis Fosa. This is the best fitting wing I have ever seen.

This is it. The Baudis Fosa F3F

Indications are that it will be a SSW tomorrow afternoon so I am hoping to get out and maiden her.

It has to be said the build quality is outstanding and to quote rob ''this is the stiffest thing I have ever had in my hands"???....I told him that was not something he should admit to!


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  1. That last pic is not a good angle, looks like an F3J model!

    Prob flys like one....