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Monday, 16 July 2012

Turned out pretty good

Sunday 15 July

Took the decision to get on over to Roundway, a little more north in the wind would have seen us at Westbury for the afternoon but no such luck. It turned out 'pretty good'. Stars of the day turned out to be Robs newly acquired electric Blaze, Rob by name, rob by nature. The other star turned out to be my quad, armed with the DJ Naza board it fought the wind to get some pretty good footage for the Video.

The recently 'robbed'  blaze . Beware...If you manage to take advantage of somebody and talk them into giving you (reluctantly) their glider, you to could end up with a 'stupid expression' stuck on you face!!

2 Willows, A big sting and a typhoon. One of those 2 willows a couple of weeks ago was launched FREE FLIGHT. Ian Mason would be proud of his design. It did 1 very nice circuit before a not so very nice circuit and then a fairly heavy landing ( more of a thump into the side) but no significant damage.

The X650 quad with Naza board.
This along with my superb piloting skills fought the wind and turbulence to take some very good footage.
No need for 8 motors , GPS hold and Gimbles etc etc

The Rotmilan cruising past the wrong way round again, yawn yawn

Above Geoff and Rob try to program the Trinity. On the right the manual is out and still Geoff and Rob try to program the Trinity. My advice to you Geoff is stop seeking help from Robert and ask the Grand kids!!

Now for the video, full volume, big screen, HD it and look out for Quad footage


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