Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sunday 17th June

A reasonable day

This is the only picture from Saturday. Went to Alton Barnes on a big wind day to try out big lift and big ballast. Only problem was it was a big disappointment, crap lift and lots of turbulence. Picture of Robs barnett as we didn't have anometer to hand, that amount of scalp/parting indicates 58mph!

Sunday was a much calmer day , met up with the usual crowd at Roundway for some gentle ( unfortunately) flying. There was a few newby's to the slope and a few old faces that have not been about for a while

Paul ( Dirty Harry) turned up with another boring scale model. He has dressed the pilot as the 70's porn star Dirk Diggler to liven it up but its still all very dull..

Malcolm launches Geoffs Trinity. This was its first flight after some repair work. Watch out for the launch in the video. You can see the effects of not getting the CofG back to the correct place. Very dramatic and for Geoff a clean pair of undercrackers was required.
Happily Geoff got it down safely and the relief was written all of his face

After several attempts at trying to catch the Rotmilan and missing, Robert got somebody to fly it for him while he stood mid field and caught it with 2 hands just to be sure.....

This is the latest technology for people struggling to fly remote control aircraft. Predominantly designed for the less capable pilot, this earpiece helps you determine if the glider is going up or down????

Now for the video, it was a short outing that has clearly resulted in a short post / video. As mentioned watch out for Geoffs Trinity Launch! Volume up and HD on, quality is still crap but I will get the hang of the settings one day....promise!



  1. It's a pixel aspect ratio thing chaps, you need to find a format that exports with pixel ratio at 1 rather than 1.3 (or something like that I think!)

    if you're using movie maker, go to tools, options and then click on the 'advanced' tab and change the aspect ratio there

  2. Its more to do with Martins inability to produce anything decent in his whole life.. You should hear what his wife says about him!


  3. Thanks Goodwind, have had a look and f'ing about with the aspect ratio seems to help with quality so the next one should be a bit better. Only pitfull will be Robs hideous looking face and big red barnett will be even clearer for all to see!!!

    We are going to get over and see you guys hopefully one weekend in the next couple of months, have you got a preferred weekend when there should be a good crowd?