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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Queens Jubilee , what Jubilee??

Monday 4th June

Queens 60th Year on the Throne ( you can get tablets for that), Bank Holiday Monday, decent weather,  garden party in the back garden of Buckingham palace...... It was obvious to me what to do. Spend the day  at Westbury slope soaring

Myself, Mark and Robert ( sporting a new haircut) all met early doors and began assembling models. we were the first out, but it was obvious the crowds would gather as the day went on, this was the place to be!!.

Rob brought his WACO, he got this from the wife for his Birthday last year. What a present. There was some apprehension as to how it would fly, but it flew beautifully. Whilst the Rotmilan had to land out half way down the hill due to lack of lift / performance, the Waco handled the conditions very well and gave onlookers a real spectacle. All of this without magnetic switches and MKS servos. Could be Robs glider of choice at the next F3F event

The Waco, bomb door servo installed. Only question is what to drop. Don't ask Colin !

Phil ' The Master Class' Huddlestone also demonstrated how not to Land a glider. You shouldn't land nose down at 80+ mph, 6 feet from people and gliders. This is the result. A broken Glider. On a serious note this was a result of a lack of peg board / communication and a clash of frequencies on steam powered radio equipment. We need to all learn from this.

Dave the Rumpster arrived with his new "state of the art" Needle 124. This reminded me of the Sierra Cosworths of the 90's. You can see the front of the Glider does not belong to the back of the glider but the cutting and shutting engineers do a fantastic job of hiding the joins.

Petes Strega is now in one piece again. Nick was not available for this launch so Pete took a calculated risk with Robert. Paid off and the strega flew well. We did notice it turns right better than left, not sure if the fuz and been glued back straight!


A whole fleet of gliders. Brilliant. The more the merrier

We even got a bit of bungeeing in later on once the wind dropped.

Now for the video, still struggling with quality ( something wrong with settings on PC) but my advice full volume, full screen and HD it...


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  1. Best landing of the day.... WACO with the displacement of Vanessa Feltz and the aero dynamic qualities of Robbie Coltrane, this glider goes a treat! Good post Martin... for once!