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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Quads & OctoQuadZilla!!

 Update on OctoQuadZilla, the beast is going from strength to strength. We now have "point and click" software, so we can take off from the click of a button on a keyboard and control to position via google maps on a laptop!! I am no longer required as a pilot.... some breath with a si of relief!

For anybody that knows there cameras, that's a BlackMagic full cinematic camera, the only one in Europe apparently. We tested in Newbury last week

Left, we managed to jam this beast of a camera in the gimbal. Still got 10 mins flying time! We filmed some guy hurling a case off a roof... Its a long story.

Check this video out below this is Martin and myself messing around at the local field (promise not gay porn) Get it full screen, crank the music up loud and watch... If you can recognise which ad its from you can have that Middle Phase glider i cant give away.

Notice i have no issues with my vids, unlike Martins less than amature attempts! Incidentally those of you that are unlucky enough to correspond with him, via tx/email you may of noticed he's gone quiet... In fact he's gone AWOL, which quite honestly is a blessed relief. I did receive this photo though... Now I'm sure that says Benidorm....

Roundway today!

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  1. Went to the world renound sticky vicky show last night, I now know where your magnetic switch came from !!!