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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spafftastic Sunday...

Well there was tears of laughter, tears of sadness... Sunday shaped up to be, and was a great day. The start of which was awful, as i was alone on the slope with Martin... I was a little on guard like a newbie in a prison, however we were joined by the masses and could distance myself. 
Lots happened today, notably Mark, maidened his willow.. Which was a bit of an anti climax really... i hoofed it off and it sailed away! (see vid) Mark kindly let me have a thrash and i have to say it felt great! Flew straight as an arrow, fairly neutral on the CofG of we reckon was 104mm, also edgy like it wanted to do something..  It certainly motored, with no ballast and had a great turn of speed when the nose was dropped. Rolls are crispy crisp, no shortage of elevator and happily coped with the half cocked wind bouncing along the slope. This glider is nicely thought out, enough room in the fuz for even Martins fat fingers, a good size fuz to hang on to for launching too. I would love to set one up myself (nudge nudge Ian Mason ;) and explore the flight envelope. It certainly felt more like my Rotmilan in terms of speed than my Viking2. Be good to see it in a blow with some weight in.... all for around £500, bargain of the year for a full competition speed machine!

 Nick turned up muttering something about a new sponsor... in his secretive way he would not tell us who it was! Incidentally did a great landing with a contrary flap servo. As a side note Nick organises dogging spots.

Petes fully ballasted strega had the shortest flight of the day (see vid) unfortunately some damage to fuz. You can see Martin trying to give advice about the intricacy's of fuz repair... "buy a new one"

Willow in background flew well. Martin will sell that Skorp to me one day..  He wont admit it, but it flies better than his Tanga!
As usual gents, get a beer, push that seat back, turn volume to maximum and watch.......


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