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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday 22nd April.... NO DISASTER....Just a superb video

You will be glad to know that the contraption bolted to the front of the scorpion together with slugs of ballast on the tail did not end in disaster thanks to my sepreme flying ability. Unfortunately the lift was marginal and the scorpion weighed a tonne which resulted in a fairly sedate flight. Next time camera will be further in front and up higher to give a better angle and unless its blowing a gale I won't bother

There is some moneys worth there. Rob is trying to wrestle Nick to the ground, my moneys on Nick. You will also see Robs Viking 2 in the bag. This did fly as the ''gimmicky'' magnetic switch in the RotMilan packed up during inverted flight at some speed. Rob was very lucky to get the Rotty back from iminent disaster with a switch that was turning itself on and off on its own. My advice stick with something you hear clunk when you move it

The is M.C  R.C Geoff's tranny. Amazingly by night this doubles up for M.C   R.C Geoffs mobile Disco as a mixing Desk, by day apparently if flies model gliders but I am not convinced. He did offer to show me it with the cover off, I politely declined!

Geoffs new ASW something, 1/4 scale that did maiden and did infact fly very well from the off. These do look the part in the air cruising about. Next to the ASW something is a green banana, apparently the only one in existence, can't think why?

Now for the video from the Scorpion . I have inserted various clips from the day. Watch on full volume, full screen and put the settings on ( small cog like icon , bottom right of vid) to 1080 HD . Watch every second, I have inserted a clip (5 seconds) of the Tanga F3B rolling over on landing... Enjoy


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