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Monday, 30 April 2012

Quad-Zilla update

As the weather has been terrible for proper glider flying, thought i would bore you all with an update on Quadzilla... Testing is going very well, failsafe works a treat, you turn the transmitter off, or flick a switch on the tranny and the damn thing zooms up to 20 meters in height... flies directly back to where it took off... hangs about a bit... then descends to what is a better landing than what Martin can ever do, within feet of take off point its amazing! The GPS lock is superb (Wookong by DJI)and holds in position even in wind.

For power we are carrying 2 x 8000 mah 5 cell batteries, linked in parallel this will last 13 mins with a 3 kg payload!! Thankfully we have a superb duel Hyperion charger which provides a modest 600wats of power, charges 2 batts in an hour!

We have a 5.8ghz video transmitter with a CP antenna, also with a dedicated power source (no interference probs) this thing is great considering the amount of electrical components and carbon there is on the beast, no probs with video transmission yet!

Iphone takes weird pics... Landing gear retracted, ive had the Octo up to around 450ft in height.. not bad for something which ways 8.5KG's dry weight! The video below is a test vid. Was windy, up to 20mph, but as you can see so stable. Would love to get it on a slope, or better still at an F3F comp to film a run windward side.... not sure its allowed unfortunately, but imagine the footage!


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