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Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm bored... what shall i do?

I was given an EasyStar 2 to build for a friend, You see i like building shit, unlike Martin who hates building shit, however unlike all the latest mouldie gliders i normally put together this came with INSTRUCTIONS!!!! WTF!

As you can see this needs careful preparation, not to be attempted without Spitfire beer (3 for £4 in Lidl) and a bowl of crisps. I set aside 3 bottles of beer for the build... lets see how it goes!
 Now, the Easystar i quickly found is a revelation in building... as long as you have that super glue that don't melt foam your sorted. So i crack on. you glue a few bits here and there for strength, The servos push  into pre cut slots that snap the servos in place. Then you glue the fuz together...

The aileron/tail horns glue in a treat, and are clamped in place with grub screws (Allan key provided) By this point I'm 2 bottles down... That glue is amazing, multiplex own foam glue, not only will it stick your fingers together no time at all, it sticks foam together with the tenaciousness of Martin chasing fellow flyer's WAGS. Prob cost a fortune, but i did not buy it!

Servos glued in Z bends pre Zedded! If you can be arsed sand of the boggles on the wings, not sure it will make a difference.. but there you go

All done bar the motor.... couple of screws later, the bastards in! Elastic band keeps the spinner on (those Germans keep it simple)

Check it out.. all in nice and simple! join the ESC up, get the battery in and c of g is achieved with no additional weight. Finished... in under 3 bottles of beer, perfect. Took me 10 mins to program his JR tranny, bought from ebay for 40 squid and its there.

We test flew this today, amongst the thunderstorms, flew very well... a little underpowered with the 400 motor, recommend upgrade to 600 size. But perfect learning platform or FPV vehicle. The battery lasts for ages (2200 3 cell) and can be bought cheaply too. This was bought from electricwingman Paul at EW is great for advice and very helpful, i bought all quadzillas motors from him, and also very cheap. The instructions are fantastic, and the build was floorless.

So if you want a funfly electric, and a 3 hour build time, buy it. If you want 3 bottles of Spitfire on the cheap then Lidl's your answer.Spafftastic!


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