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Thursday, 26 April 2012

The greatest prize give away ever!!!!

To celebrate the 5000th visit to the SlopeJunkie site (i know were not quite there yet) and a big thanks for reading Martins rubbish, we are giving away a state of the art glider... see pics! This is all carbon fibre (made to look like balsa and wrinkled solafilm) Middle Phase 2!!!

 Check it out...  my old telephone number from 15 years ago! Servos not included, nor elastic bands... which apparently are used somehow? we have left/lost the canopy too!

Red tape holding nose together included. Incidentally i learnt to fly on this!

Beautifully fitting components.....

So, what do you need to do to win this fantastic piece of carbon fibre (made to look like wrinkled solafilm and balsa) all moulded glider? Look at the picture below and mail me the best caption to the photograph! There is a lot going on in this photo, so should not be hard to think of a cracker! I am going to let Martin judge the competition, which will close on the 4th of May! If Martin has not found a suitable caption, we will fit some crappy radio gear, soak the wingtips in diesel, fit Martins gopro to the nose and fly the yellow peril to its doom in a blaze of glory........

Send to

Cant believe were GIVING this away..... Prize giving Sunday week, up what ever hill is facing the wind!

Next comp will be for Martins Tanga.


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