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Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fools Day... Easterly bowl Westbury White Horse

The sun was shining, the thermals were bubbling and the wind was very light / non existent!

We were all at the Easterly Bowl Westbury, there were a few gliders with motors, there were a few trying there luck just tossing it straight off the slope and a few tried out the bungee.

There was not a great deal of time for picture taking as there was too much good flying to be done but here are the ones I did manage to get

This was the first Glider to go off the bungee. this is Mark WigWam at the controls of the Big Sting , the launcher was Robert Coles. Not sure of the reason he appears to be on his knees.

These pictures speak for themselves. A lack of ability, a lack of judgement and a lack of 21st century radio gear probably all contributed to this. Luckily all in one piece

The Gilbert.... The gliberts home made special Triggers broom.  A pretty little glider with a little motor. Just the job on a day like today.  In the background Mark and Malcolm soaking up the April sunshine.


Some more of Malc's Models. The St Models ASW28. I wonder how many of these are about. I think the black one is an Elan 200 and the epp foam one at the front is the ducted fan that was talked about last week. £50 quid from Steve Webbs servo shop and it is ready to go once you put your receiver in. I witnessed it today for the first time, it has an incredible performance

Last landing of the Day. This is the RotMilan coming in after a bungee launch that led to the best part of 40 minutes thermalling interuppted by several aerobatic displays. It has to be said that this glider is an oustanding performer and is currently snapping at the heels of the Tanga. Anyway a good final landing and good to see Rob back to landing at the Top

A fantastic day was had by all, brilliant


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  1. Hi, would you mind letting me know where you flew from and how to get access please. I'm interested in flying some FPV and getting HD footage of the white horse, but looking at maps of the area I have no idea where I could park my car, or have enough ground to land my FPV Bixler 2 or Funjet Ultra (whichever one is serviceable at the time :) )

    Many thanks