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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday afternoon GLIDER flying Roundway

Saturday 17th March

Quadzilla (see post below) . For a very expensive quadcopter it bounces about the sky like 'Jacks' jumping beans and as for the undercarriage, it looks like Rob nicked it from a cheap foldaway camping table

Anyway , Glider flying today. Myself , Mark and Malcolm popped up to Roundway for a couple for hours. Roundway is a strange place one day you can go there and think the wind is bang on but get chucked all over the place, the next you can go there thinking its a bit off and find it to be smooth as silk. Today was as smooth as silk.

The Line up.... Breta Models Tanga . Marks 4 metre Multiplex Ash 26, Malcs Multiplex 2.6m ASW27B and his Fly Fly Salto. Today Malc was going to try the Salto again, he just had muster up enough courage after the last time.


It turned out to be a largely uneventful day. Malc did get the Salto flying and following some adjustments to C of G, adding some expo and reducing the elevator end point by about two thirds !! it all went reasonably well. The Salto moved about the sky with purpose. I think there is still some work to be done to it but it does sit nicely and it looks like it will be a good glider in the right conditions. Mark was initially apprehensive about chucking the ASH off but once it was up it flew very well and did look like the real thing, I think Marks love affair with this glider started again today.

Marks Ash darting about and proof the Salto does fly.

Went for the catch but missed .... I have always been shit at catching!

As Rob mentioned tomorrow is a steady northerly. Westbury White horse... Be there!


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