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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Overlander Batteries

I have been doing Experiments !!
I have been charging normal NiMH batteries and eneloops and monitoring them discharging over time. I can confirm that standard NiMH batteries do discharge over time and some fairly quickly!! . The eneloops were as good a fortnight after charging as they were when they were charged

Complementary Neck Strap
Anyway I wanted a new receiver pack for the Tanga, Last time I got the Gilbert to make me one up. This time I spoke directly with 'OVERLANDER BATTERIES'. I told the I wanted the latest 2500 mah eneloop in a rectangular configuration with standard Futaba plug. 3 days later and  for only £22  the pack turned up. They also sent a complementary neck strap. What a bargain.

After this waffle, the conclusion is always go for eneloops and for customer service and value for money get hold of Overlander.

The Pack. As far as battery packs go this is a spaff worthy battery pack. It is packed with milli amps that will stay inside until they are required....Brilliant


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