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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February

Beautiful Feb day, no f'ing wind!!

BBC weather forecast predicted a 5 to 7 mph WSW, we would have stood a chance if this had been the case.

As we gathered in the car park at noon, there was not a single bit of stirring in the trees. There was a good gathering of us , probably 10. I knew today for me was going to be a day of launch, if lucky hook up a thermal and get 15 minutes, alternatively do 1 circuit land on the side and walk 15 metres down the hill to collect the skorpion. The Skorpion is not known for its performance on very light wind days although it does make a fair fist of it. Roll on theTanga coming back to life

There were allot of models about today , the heavier stuff did spend allot of time on the ground. Today was a day for the more innovative gliders.

Geoff rocked up today with his St Models DG100 with electric assist. I used to have one of these. On a day like today they are perfect. Easy and fun to fly , possibly one of the best selling models of the last couple of years.

Nick and Pete with their Allula's. Again perfect models for today with a certain amount of novelty. These 2 little models are ''lobbed'' into the air to about 15 metres from a standing start. They then float about on nothing.

Nick Launching his Allula

What about this bad boy. 1 metre wing span, and an all up weight of 95grams, that's less than 2 sausages!! It is a Vladimir models Mini Elf DLG. you can get them now for less than £120 . 

As I said a Discus Launch, 1 metre wing span and weighing in less than 2 sausages. This was used as the sacrificial glider. Often we stood by until this was gaining height through thermal activity and then it was '' everybody launch'' , at times mayhem. This one belongs to Nick.

Phil the ''Masterclass Huddlestone' rocks up with yet another model none of us have ever seen before. I think he called it a 'Casciopa' . We (I) gave him the usual ribbing for turning up with a model from the nineties but as usual he managed to out fly all of us.

Look at that wing tip, that cap, those glasses and  those curls. Only the Hudd could get away with all this!!

There were a few takers for the bungee. This is Pete's Starlight going up on the bungee. This was Pete's first time on the bungee so he'll be glad it all went well. No longer a bungee virgin. Hopefully the next time he might ''get it up'' further, and with a bit of luck ''stay up'' longer.

This is the 'Hudds' Casciopa going up on the Bungee. Nick was launch man for his first ever time. It was a wobbly start to this flight but the Hudd dug deep, drew on all the available skill he has, and ensured alls well that ends well

The day came to a close and I disappeared off home.Luckily I had the Quad in the boot and 9400 Milli amps of electricity that needed to be used up so I stopped off and had a quick buzz about. This is the X Aircraft 650 Carbon,with upgraded motors and best of all the DJI Naza board. It is amazingly stable....

Rob text me last night and said we are F##king Lucky, and I have to say between the people we both come into contact with through our hobbies and the equipment we have I am inclined to agree with him ( this is rare as he is usually wrong). We are lucky and today was a good day.


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