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Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday 10th Feb...

Everest Base Camp!!!

What is this? is it Everest Base Camp

Maybe we should look a little closer, is that a Yetti??

Ahh no, of course its not. Its Rob  at the top of Alton Barnes today

Today was supposed to have been a day at the BWLCH, but due the crap weather the BWLCH was called off. We did meet up at Alton Barnes, Mark the WigWam Wickham couldn't make it. It was good to catch up with Dave "the Rumby " Rumble. Unfortunately Dave didn't get to fly his Aliaj as one of the MKS servo's on an aileron had packed up. Myself and Rob flew the Rotmilan F3B and Skorpion F3F for the best part of a couple of hours.

The tent that Dave brought along did provide welcome shelter in between flights as the wind was bitter. There was a load of people sledging and making the most of the snow.

For those of you that have not flown at Alton Barnes it has a USP. The USP is the landing area that provides a flow of wind that magically allows you to hover a glider with crow braking down on the spot every time  . It is very easy to get a superb landing. We made the most of this with some real greasers into the snow with a very nice little slide to a halt

In summary, absolutely blooming freezing  but good company ( apart from Rob) , good flying and some very satisfying landings

SUNDAY Steady North Westerly and 5 degrees centigrade, almost tropical..  Westbury!!

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