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Saturday, 14 January 2012

ChavQuad* Glider cont...

Nice one Marty... there was only 5 calls to me, but technically you did muster up every ounce of creativity in that old bag of blood'n'bones of yours and create a beautiful thing! well chuffed with you... Also chuffed with your flying, (i witnessed the very first flight of the ChavQuad* and was impressed with its stability) this is ChavQuad* Glider flying on a shoe string, you can build them cheaper but why bother, Alex @ UAVShop is a legend and is on email 24-7 so contact him for one. Or you can buy this..

VC-450 Whitespy Quad Glider
I don't want to hi-jack Marty's post but this is the Mutts-Nuts, carries a GoPro2 camera, FVP'd up and flies very well. Videos to follow... however (shameless plug time) check out Country File next Sunday, you might recognise a ginger idiot!

*Due to having lighting system similar to a Citreon Saxo from Trowbridge.


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